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Territory Protection.
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Our company’s recipe for success:
3 passionate and experienced people 
7 excellent retail lines
Low or NO minimums!
Boutique Gifts that sell through
99 desirable tee-shirt designs
1,000’s of tips, secrets, and guides for retailer success
Directions: Invest 20 minutes checking out retaildove.com – Read and share the blog posts, download some free retailer tools. Contact Retail Dove for an appointment to see beautiful samples. 813.419.4777
We represent manufacturers that provide excellent products and ship quickly. These brands are exclusive to Retail Dove in Florida, sell very well, re-order and re-order. When we sell to you, we are not selling your neighbor the same lines – our customers enjoy territory protection. Retailers need dependable, honest, and experienced sales reps to compete effectively in today’s marketplace…Retail Dove is THAT sales rep.

Giovanni Yarabek
Retail Marketing Expert. 30+ years

I am a: Dad, Writer, Author, Retail Marketing Expert, Filmmaker, Miracle Worker, Boxer, Gardener, Pluviophile.

Daphney Johnson
Retail Management Expert. 25+ years

I am a: Mother, Black Women Entrepreneur, Musician, Author, Gourmet Chef, Secret Keeper, Capricorn.

Hannah Massmann
Retail Social Media Expert. 12 years

I am a: Baseball Mom, Scrapbooker, Ballerina, Meditator, Coffee Snob, Pianist, Wife, Philebrity, Sherbet Lover.