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Taking the risk out of retail management for retailers in several ways.  Not only do we carry great selling and profitable brands, many exclusive to you thru Retail Dove, we provide top-notch marketing tools. Plus all of our customers enjoy complimentary access to our SWAP SHOP.

Swap Shop is a sort of classified listing exclusive to Retail Stores only, which allows you to swap new merchandise as well as store supplies and fixtures.  The idea came from years of selling retail customers pre-packed apparel only to see that some never really sell all the sizes. Rather than having to mark down the sizes that do not move, Retail Dove provides the platform to swap with other retailers, perhaps across the state, sizes you need for the sizes they need.

In addition to providing superior customer service, (some say more service than seems necessary), our top priority is to sell to you only merchandise that you will sell out of and need to reorder and reorder and reorder.
After years of being deeply enriched in Consumer Shopping Behavior, working with retailers of every kind and size, Giovanni Yarabek started Retail Dove as a hybrid sales rep organization and marketing and management consulting firm. Having authored books and contributed to articles and texts on the subjects of retailing, plus recognizing needs of independent retailers, Giovanni pioneered several systems. Swap shop, loyalty programs and various marketing and management tools are largely available at no cost to retailers via this website or by contacting Giovanni directly.
Do not miss our blog posts. Over thirty-five years of creating sales, marketing and promotion plans for retail, you’ll learn new techniques, awesome tips, understand how to plan as well as be refreshed on brilliant ideas to help your store be much more profitable! Comments are invited on the posts. Share freely.
What’s that map all about? This is how we break out our sales territory. Eight main areas. When we visit our customers, it’s not just for fill-in orders, we’ll also hang/fold apparel, shelf face merchandise, dust and help out in ways that make your store shine and your job just that much easier.
Contact us anytime with questions you have that are not
answered on this website.   813.317.6700

Giovanni Yarabek

Retail Marketing Expert

Hey! Check Out Our Swap Shop

There is no cost for Retailers to join.
This is a service pioneered by Retail Dove.

Giovanni, you sell magical selling things. I need another re-order.

Kelly PeeplesManaging Owner - Yates&Hagen

I am blown away with Gio’s services. He is amazing!

Vicky BannonCEO & Founder - Vicky's Closet


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