Customer Tools


You’re here because you are a Retail Dove Customer, buying and selling the profitable brands we represent.

Below you’ll find links to downloadable resources, such as Logos, Lifestyle photography, Product photos, Line sheets, catalogs, Point-of-sale material and more. Everything is available to you FREE of charge, plus lifestyle photos are Talent Cleared and Royalty Free. On the lifestyle photographs, please use what we have available currently plus up to one year. Why? Because when models are hired, the buy/use period is for a determined period of time. Typically 1, 3 or 5 years, to use the photograph in your marketing. We will delete the photographs from this site 12 months prior to expiration. You may use the photography in all of your advertising and marketing efforts, websites, email, print ads, in-store signage, etc. However, NOT PERMITTEDare websites such as: Amazon, eBay, Etsy and similar. The ONLY website you may use any image on is your own retail store websites, and social media pages related to your retail store(s).

Thanks for being a Retail Dove Retail Customer! Please send suggestions for other tools you look to use, perhaps we can make them available to you. Customer Service is our priority and we want you to rely upon Retail Dove as a valued source for your marketing and management needs.

**REMEMBER: Even though we are paid by the manufacturer, we really work for YOU, our Retail Customer.
We know what it takes, with over 25 years providing assistance to retailers. We Take the Risk Out of Retail Management.