Grab Identifiable Exposure on Instagram

Grab Identifiable Exposure on Instagram

Be SEEN, Not Lost.

When it comes to SoMe (Social Media) you have to take in several considerations, to market your retail store. First and foremost is your branding – you look. It’s best to pick a style and stick with it for years. Take a peek at what the big multi-location retailers do…consistency!

We offer free tools (no strings attached, promise) for independent retailers everywhere. The image here is but one design in a series of images purposely made to strict INSTAGRAM specifications. You may also freely use them in your other SoMe applications. (still, no strings attached).  Pick a series that resonates with your stores’ theme and style. And use these graphics regularly, to grab attention when you need to post a DEAL or special or just to make your followers remember YOUR STORE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Using these professionally designed graphics will also convey information about your shops’ attention to detail, professionalism, and FUN!  People love to shop at stores that are FUN.

Download any (or all) from this series of tools at:
Or choose a different series – all are FREE.
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