I Can’t Find Good Help These Days

I Can’t Find Good Help These Days

My Employee(s) is Worthless. It seems like all they do is sit around and kill time. They take too many personal calls.

Have you heard yourself saying things like this? I hear it often. It tells me immediately that the retailer does not have decent employee training. Oh, sure it does indeed take time. But why would you take time while “on-The-Clock”?  The best way to find GREAT employees that ARE trainable is during the application process when they are applying for a position within your employ.  At Retail Dove we offer several tools, free of charge to Independent Retailers everywhere, to get a step ahead.

You may freely download and use our tools, or make changes and make them your own. On our site, you’ll not only find an application form but a testing tool as well as a comprehensive job description. Check them out!

How to use them. Use them UPFRONT. Most retail stores are not a convenient place for a prospective employee to complete a job application, better for them to do that at home. Use the tools, by giving them instructions to complete the process at home and return the following day. Perhaps you have a website, you may also post the tools there for them to download and print onto their own paper. The job description for a sales clerk includes all they typical duties you’ll need. In short, it says, Sales associates should NEVER be behind the cash register unless they are ringing up a customer’s purchase.

These tools provide a head start on your training, on their time, not yours. It could help them to test better and be better prepared for what YOU expect of them. The test has answers which are acceptable and answers that are NOT acceptable, nonetheless, you’ll at least know better, whom you are hiring, their character and attitude about working in your retail environment. If you would like a copy of the acceptable answers, just send an email.

Get everything you need here (totally free, no strings attached)  http://member.retaildove.com/retailer-freebies/

I’d love to hear your feedback after you try the tools for a while. Thanks. Please share with your retailer friends.

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