Single Biggest Store Layout Mistake

Single Biggest Store Layout Mistake

PROMOTING IN and OUT…without any purchase!

How many times have you been walking a relatively new area, perhaps a downtown area? Let’s say it’s either your first visit ever or perhaps a return after a bunch of years. Maybe you’re with several other people. You’re window shopping, maybe to kill a bit of time prior to a theater entry or dinner reservation. So you and your friends walk the shopping area, checking things out. Maybe you’re in the mood to shop, maybe not. So you happen upon a store, (maybe it’s new), you decide to enter.

The store layout has a round table situated just inside beyond the point of entry. What do you do? Most people simply walk around the table, just scanning the offerings and walk completely around the table and make your get-away.  You leave the store and some friends catch up to you and ask,

“what’s in there?”   What do you reply?  Be honest… “Ah, nothing much.”  WHY?  Because the store has a round structure or table just as you walk inside. It actually invites you to do just what you did, walk completely around and hit the exit.

As a retailer that has a table positioned this way, you already know you’ve seen it a hundred times. Why have you not yet moved that table? The psychological patterns have been long established, from an early age in childhood. Old habits are really hard to break. Why fight the psychology? Why promote the quick IN and OUT behavior? If you’re in business to ring up sales, you MUST choose a better layout.

The best layouts give customers a choice, left or right, and work them deep into your store. This is a topic for other blog posts. In the meantime, you can always call for answers.  Thanks for the read. Please share this post with your retailer friends.

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